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About Us

About Tenders Guide

Tenders Guide is one of the most updated data aggregators of public procurement domain from throughout the globe. The company is lead by a group of highly experienced entrepreneurs, with over 20 years of expertise in government procurement field from various sectors. 

Tenders Guide is one of the largest database of Global tenders, Projects, EOI, RFQs, RFPs, Awarded Contract information, Business News, etc. We track thousands of information sources daily, including: 

  • Websites of Governments, Public organizations, MFAs, NGOs, etc., 
  • Local and International newspapers, Publications, Magazines, Periodicals, etc
  • Our regional associates who provide us timely information, etc. 
Through these sources we receive up-to-date information and market intelligence, which is crucial both to us and to our clients.

We also track information on Turnkey and EPC projects and help our clients take part in subcontracting opportunities. Our UPS is the relevancy of information that we offer our clients. While other service providers may bombard you with general information, our computer algorithms, with a touch of human experience, enable us to to send you the most relevant information as per your needs. All this at a much affordable price.

We request you to browse through our Tenders and Projects section to have a glimpse of the latest information we are offering. For a detailed list of our services, you can visit our Services section or contact us.